Blekko : Giving A Healthy Competition To Alternative Search Engines

Internet or the World Wide Web in today’s anniversary is frequent referred to as the overabundance of word i.e. you can rely on the information being provided by the Internet for apparently anything whether it is making a railway reservation, booking movie tickets either trying to find about the nulli secundus hotels in your area. For getting the sake of acquiring relevant information fulfilled, there are a number of inquisition engines that are active on the Web such as Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. Amongst these search engines, individual other name that is in continuous effort to make an identity between the facts seekers is blekko that has everything to permanence in the race for superiority.

According to a statement made by a spokesperson of the company, “The freshly launched search engine features a responsive design that breaks down the spam-free search results into categories that make it easier for the users to go through the humanly organized content”.

Organized search categories

The creation of categories in the search results is the most characterizing feature being implemented by the search engine blekko i.e. instead of “10 blue links”;you now circulate different categories that all have their own color.

The categories will show the highest two results and clicking on it will open the category within the page where you can see about three additional results. Another arrow will show you the results just for that category. This provides you with a lot more results than we are used to.

Responsive design

For those who are neither aware with the term, a “responsive design” is number that makes your software ‘compatible’ with each device you are on, whether it is a tablet, desktop or mobile.

Slash tags

Slash tags pass search personalization and filtering ended the creation of mini-indexes of authoritative or favorite sites. Since the newly introduced search engine is a ‘vertical search engine’,it lets you scrounge in a specific area like interest rather than across the ‘horizontal’ spectrum of all interests.For example, Google is a horizontal search engine that lets you search for anything.

The new search plasma is a private beta sift engine designed to eradicate the pointless links surfaced by traditional search engines with slash tags. Slash tags are just sophisticated tags for fine-tuning search queries.

The basic idea behind the invention of the new search ram and its proprietary feature of slash tags is to add asset to the search experience by giving searchers the tools they want to use. It is very simple to use but only if you understand the complexities of its functioning which is not an easy office for the first time user.

If you talk about the recent picture, the new search engine blekko has opened its services to several beta testers each of whom they hope resolve help in improving the savoir faire preferment to public beta launch.