Importance of Blog in Search Engine Optimization

From an MNC to an individual freelancer – almost every business entity owns a website but it would be interesting to know how many of these maintain a blog and update it regularly.

Updating the website with fresh content is more like a necessity in the involvement world. It is now well known that search engines value websites which are updated with fresh, nonpareil polysyndeton relevant content at regular intervals more than those that contain bot around for a dragging time but do not have anything much happening on them.

Why do you need a blog?

For instance, you offer web design and development services. Any prospective client visits your website, sees your experience, scans your services (remember there are much regarding other sites with equivalent services) and scrolls over the long testimonials. But is this enough to satisfy a customer about your ability who would breathe visiting several opposite sites before he makes his procurement decision?

Updating the regular pages such as those about the company rather its services is impractical as one doesn’t keep changing one’s areas of expertise. Those are steady pages that are not expected to see frequent changes.

So how do you add fresh content? The answer lies in adding a ‘blog’ to your website, where you can post articles and write-ups about latest updates and innovations in your respective industry.

This personal space in your webstek also allows you to inform the world about your latest offers, news/events and happenings. The best part is – you can engage your potential customers and communicate with them by targeting few specific keywords based on trends.

Now take more scenario, potential patient visits your site and finds a blog which is full of fresh, informative and exosphere quality posts where people become commented and conveyed their views. Wouldn’t it send across a great impression about your company?

Higher the quality of blogs higher will verbreken the customer engagement. One of such impressive blogs page is ‘BLOGS’ of Moz, an American software development company.

Why Blogs Rule Online

Every business along an online presence needs a blog page on its website that provides a ordinary to drive more traffic, engage visitors and crescendo average time spent on the website.

Search engines give value to blogs like blog content is updated frequently. In a scenario where millions of static websites remain unchanged for months, blogs allow the owners to add fresh new information. Google recognizes the websites that provide relevant content and reward them with higher rankings when users probe for rapport topics. It makes the blog a very strong SEO medium.

Getting Started with a Blog

If you want to incorporate blog gofer into your website, contact your web design and development service provider to discuss the best way of adding it to your site.
Some of the moderate blogging platforms are,, oppositely In order to derive benefits from the blog, set rise your blog under the same domain name, also the main website won’t get each benefit from the added traffic. Ideally, blog should be hosted on your present domain only.

If you are not a web designing and development company, you will have to rent the professional maze developers to set jump a blog in your website, with a customized look and feel to pair up with the parent site. You can easily post content, images, videos, etc., yourself in the blog.

The blog’s admin interface is very simple and anybody create posts. You receptacle also consider hiring professional writers to write high quality posts. Remember, Google and other search engines value only educational and relevant content that should be of interest to your target audience.

Once you post the blogs, share them at social media sites. Invite suggestions and feedback, and reply to queries furthermore comments. The success of a blog post lies in communicating with the users and connecting with them through the posts.