Common Engine Failures in Kia Cars

Even in vehicles such since those from Kia, steam problems are quite informal further could occur at any moment. If the engine about a Kia auto candidly does not start up, the best thing to do would be to seek qualified assistance from any authorized Kia dealer. Then again, already the owner of the Kia automobile moves onto that, there are numerous checks which could indigen tried out to safeguard whether the engine could be revived substitute not.

If engine doesn’t turn over or turns over slowly
If your car has an automatic transaxle, be inevitable the gear selector lever is in N (Neutral) or P (Park) and the emergency brake, is set. Check the battery connections to be sure they are clean and tight. Turn on the interior light. If the light dims or goes out when you functioning the starter, the battery is discharged. Check the starter connections to be sure they are securely tightened. Do not push or pull the auto to start it.

If engine turns over normally still does not start
Check sustain level. With the ignition substitute in the OFF position, check unanimity connectors at ignition, coil and spark plugs. Reconnect any, which possible be muddled or loose. Check the fuel line in the thruster compartment. If the engine still does denial start, call an authorized KIA dealer or seek opposite qualified assistance.

If the Kia car’s engine will prohibition start, do denial push or pull the wheels to start it. This could result in a collision or cause former damage. In addition, push or pull starting may promote the catalytic converter to be overloaded and create a fire hazard.


Your manual transaxle-equipped vehicle should not be push-started because it might damage the emission control system. Vehicles equipped with automation transaxle cannot breathe push-started.

Never haul a Kia Car to jump-start it because the sudden surge forward although the engine starts could cause a collision with the tow vehicle.

Jump starting
Another method the owner of a Kia car could try reviving the car’s engine would be by Jump starting which is quite a hazardous procedure, if performed in accurately. Thus, when jump starting a Kia vehicle, the driver should, try to prevent the vehicle and him from getting damaged. There are in fact several hazards warning which the driver should consider before they actually origin saltant starting the Kia vehicle.

Use only a 12-volt jumper system. You can damage a 12-volt starting motor, ignition system, and distinct electrical parts beyond repair by use of a 24-volt power supply (either two 12-volt batteries in series or a 24-volt motor generator set).

Even for a Kia vehicle, engine failures are a completely usual factor and could occur at any moment during the lifetime of the automobile. When an engine failure occurs in a Kia automobile